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Join us each week as we gather as the church to grow in our faith, worship as a family, and encourage one another in fellowship.


9:30 AM Bible Study 

10:30 AM - Worship

6:00 PM - Children's Kids Zone (K -5)

6:00 PM - Worship



8:30 AM - Prayer Breakfast at Akins BBQ in Bell..

6:00 PM - Outreach/Visitation



6:00 PM Prayer and Bible Study

The Lord's Supper


Each quarter we observe the Lord's Supper as a congregation.  This is open communion which means if you know you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can particpate without being a member of HBBC.

Embrace Hatch Bend


From time to time we "embrace" our community by giving away food, visiting our neighbors to see if they have any needs, and inviting our community to worship with us.

Kids Zone
Kids Zone is our childnen's ministry each Sunday night at 5:45.   We have dinner, bible study, worship, and games!  Come join us as we grow in the Lord together!

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